Martin-Wilbourn Partners

Opinion Leader Communications

Creating Enduring Reputations Through Evidence-Based Communications

Martin-Wilbourn Partners offers expert counsel and support for opinion leaders communications. We help our clients address their most pressing issues and turn communications challenges into opportunities in a digital age. For more than 30 years, our founders have been leaders in the development and delivery of evidence-based communications services supported by research and communications strategies. The goal is to keep client programs relevant and flexible enough to withstand dynamic regulatory, market, and economic change.


Our opinion leader communication capabilities focus on six areas:


  1. Issues and Crisis Management: We help our clients manage their most valued asset – their reputation – through proactive issues management, crisis planning, and world-class crisis response. Our experience encompasses all of the key issues that have the potential to harm corporate reputation.Regardless of your needs, Martin-Wilbourn Partners will be your partner in developing programs that sustain and enhance your corporate value and drive business results.
  2. Organized Transformation: The combination of depth of experience in management consulting and our core communications capabilities allows our team the ability to design internal and external communications platforms that effectively create an environment receptive to change and build support for major transformational programs.
  3. Executive Positioning and Thought Leadership Development: Our team translates the business strategy and executive vision of our clients into meaningful communications that help differentiate them from competitors and strengthen their connections with all of their key stakeholders.
  4. Organizational Community Responsibility: Helping our clients transform their entities from the inside out is one of the key strengths of Martin-Wilbourn Partners. We accomplish this by building and implementing enterprise-wide communications strategies and community responsibility programs focusing on environmental, social, and governance issues.
  5. Employee Engagement: The leadership of our team understands the many facets and the critical importance of employee engagement. We take a research-based approach to ensure that we reach employees where they are with messages that resonate. We also ensure that the function that leads engagement is equipped to drive positive change across the organization.
  6. Influencer Engagement: By creating customized, data-driven, scalable, and analytics-led methodologies, we identify and connect the most relevant influencers and opinion leaders for our clients and strive to create lasting, meaningful relationships.