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Martin-Wilbourn Partners is an evidence-based, marketing-driven, and creatively inspired communications firm. As a professionally driven, results-oriented, full-service team, we blend traditional and digital marketing strategies with depth of executive experience which enables us to provide insightful and comprehensive communications solutions.

Strategic Planning

We do our homework and research your organization, your goals and your needs. We’ll review your current strategies, conduct research, data analysis, feasibility studies, or whatever data collection is necessary to help us strategically develop an effective plan customized to meet your needs. The crisis communications plan may include employee relations, public relations, and government relations.

Consumer and Brand Marketing

Our team are marketing communications specialists in research, strategy, storytelling, content creation, media relations social media and more. We take an evidence-based approach, using research and consumer and industry insights to develop informed Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business programs. The cornerstone of our integrated campaigns is our commitment to develop creative solutions that impact short-term behavior, while building long-term brand preference and loyalty. We’re at our best when we are engaged in creative problem solving and we thrive on knowing we helped our clients to create a brand story that sells itself.

Public Affairs

Each day, elected and regulatory officials make decisions that may impact a company’s or industry’s competitiveness or complicate a nonprofit foundation’s mission. Martin-Wilbourn Partners’s public affairs professionals serve as trusted advisors to our clients, helping them build reputations and engage with political stakeholders to address both opportunities and threats.

Martin-Wilbourn Partners knows how to design and execute successful public affairs campaigns for public- and private-sector clients. We leverage the right combination of communications tools to engage each target audience, integrating each element into a seamless campaign that provides a greater impact than the sum of its parts.

Media Relations

Our evidence-based methodologies ensure that the media coverage we generate provides real and lasting value to our clients. That’s why clients and industry leaders consistently recommend us for our high-impact media campaigns and grass roots programs.

Secondly, we’re consistent in cultivating and leveraging senior-level media relationships. Our team is staffed by highly skilled professionals who have experience working with every media discipline. Our team has a deep knowledge of aviation, financial, business, government, public affairs, health, and consumer media.

Finally, we understand how a story travels – across media, time zones, markets, and online. Using evidence-based tools and tracking technologies, coupled with our depth of experience, we know how to manage a story, so that it goes farther, faster, longer or is stopped, all with efficiency.

Reputation, Issues and Crisis Management

The most valued asset of any organization is its reputation, and at Martin-Wilbourn Partners we are unrivaled in our ability to help our clients safeguard that asset during challenging times. We have helped clients through natural disasters, high-stakes litigation, and corporate financial and governance issues. It is our long-standing expertise as trusted crisis counselors that sets Martin-Wilbourn Partners apart.

Our evidence-based approach allows our team to quickly and nimbly handle an immediate crisis, expertly navigate a complex issue, and equip our clients to better prepare to manage potential issues and future crises when they arise.

Our issues management team includes seasoned political campaign veterans, media experts, digital specialists, and publicly held corporate executives. They understand the importance of developing smart messaging, how to control the larger media debate and the importance of reaction time in today’s fast-paced digital world. We focus on regulatory, public policy, and public affairs issues.

When your reputation is at risk, only the most trusted and experienced communications partner will do. Martin-Wilbourn Partners has an enviable track record of helping management anticipate, plan for, and handle major crises.

Corporate and Financial Communications

Creating Enduring Reputations Through Evidence-Based Communications

Martin-Wilbourn Partners offers expert counsel and support for corporate and financial communications. We help our clients address their most pressing business issues and turn communications challenges into opportunities in a digital age. For more than 30 years, our founders have been leaders in the development and delivery of evidence-based communications services supported by research and communications strategies. The goal is to keep client programs relevant and flexible enough to withstand dynamic business, market and economic change.

Our corporate and financial capabilities focus on seven areas:

  1. Business Transformation: The combination of depth of experience in management consulting and our core communications capabilities allows our team the ability to design internal and external communications platforms that effectively create an environment receptive to change and build support for major transformational programs.
  2. Corporate Positioning and Thought Leadership Development: Our team translates the business strategy and executive vision of our clients into meaningful communications that help differentiate them from competitors and strengthen their connections with all of their key stakeholders.
  3. Corporate Responsibility: Helping our clients transform their companies from the inside out is one of the key strengths of Martin-Wilbourn Partners. We accomplish this by building and implementing enterprise-wide communications strategies and corporate responsibility programs focusing on environmental, social and governance issues.
  4. Financial Communications and Investor Relations: We provide a breadth of financial communications services to support our clients in achieving success with IPOs; mergers & acquisitions; and investor, analyst and financial media relations.
  5. Employee Engagement: The leadership of our team understands the many facets and the critical importance of employee engagement. We take a research-based approach to ensure that we reach employees where they are with messages that resonate. We also ensure that the function that leads engagement is equipped to drive positive change across the organization.
  6. Influencer Engagement: By creating customized, data-driven, scalable, and analytics-led methodologies, we identify and connect the most relevant influencers and opinion leaders for our clients and strive to create lasting, meaningful relationships.
  7. Issues and Crisis Management: We help our clients manage their most valued asset – their reputation – through proactive issues management, crisis planning and world-class crisis response. Our experience encompasses all of the key issues that have the potential to harm corporate reputation.Regardless of your needs, Martin-Wilbourn Partners will be your partner in developing programs that sustain and enhance your corporate value and drive business results.


The digital revolution has changed the world and the way it works. The rise of social media has turned the web into an open conversation. Every day millions of users around the world are sharing their views and opinions on the topics that matter most to them.

This change in communication dynamics is not easy, but Martin-Wilbourn Partners can help you succeed in this evolving digital environment. Our digital strategists work with clients to navigate the intersection of online activity and offline impact critical in today’s social and digital marketplace.

Martin-Wilbourn Partners help companies and brands build a longstanding digital presence. Our digital team is closely integrated with other members of our team, so we understand what the social media age means in corporate, consumer, business-to-business, or issues and crisis contexts. We have created groundbreaking digital public affairs programs and effective campaigns for clients dealing with digital crises.

Paid Media Planning & Placement

Our commitment to evidence-based strategic planning is not limited to developing a marketing opportunity or responding to a crisis.

Decisions and recommendations regarding the strategic placement and tracking of paid media is also data-driven and evidence-based. There can be as many unique needs as there are clients when it comes to reaching target audiences. Our experienced researchers, planners and buyers know how to maximize every dollar spent in traditional and digital media.

We offer a full range of services, including:

Crisis/Reputation Management
Social and Digital Media
Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations
Media Relations
Creative Concept Development and Execution
Advocacy Development
Earned Media
Expert Editorial Development
Grassroots Communications
Grassroots Mobilization
Integrated Media Campaigns
Issues Management
Corporate Brand Positioning

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Mapping and Management
Marketing and Public Opinion Research
Media Planning, Buying/Tracking
Multicultural Marketing
Product Lifecycle Management
Public Education Campaigns
Regulatory and Policy Issues
Social and Digital Content Development
Branding and Positioning
Social and Digital Strategy, Implementation and Tracking
Special Events
Video and Broadcast Production
Website Design, Management and Hosting