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What is Pheed? A Social Media Site to Watch


Pheed, a social media site that launched last October, has gained a strong following in the last few months. The site is based around the sharing of original content, allowing you to upload comments, pictures, video and audio with few restrictions on size and length. In early March, a groundswell of interest among teens propelled the site to #1 on the Apple App Store’s Top Chart for free Social Networking apps, and it’s popular among celebrities and artists. With the combination of a highly functional interface and capabilities that social media giants Facebook and Twitter lack, Pheed is a site to watch.

Pheed prioritizes visual content, much like Pinterest and the soon-to-be-updated Facebook News Feed. Images and click-to-play video comprise the majority of posts, and text is generally brief — the site allows for up to 420 characters in length. Restrictions on media uploads are extremely loose, as you can upload high-resolution photos of any size without cropping, and can record or upload videos running as long as four hours, twenty minutes. Pheed even lets you record and post audio messages. After you post, other users can respond with a comment, or they can “Remix” it, the site’s version of a repost. Pheed also allows you show your disapproval of a post with the push of a button, as you can click the “love” or “heartache” icons found at the bottom of each post to express your immediate reaction.

Another interesting offering from Pheed is its Premium Account option, which allows you to monetize your social media stream. Through this service, you can charge anywhere from $1.99 to $34.99 per month for other users to access your pheed. Half of the revenue generated goes to Pheed, and the other half to the Premium Account holder. This makes Pheed somewhat less reliant on advertisers, so user-created content can remain in the spotlight.

You can join Pheed by connecting your account through Facebook or Twitter, and doing so will automatically fill in some of your profile information. From there, you can select other users to follow, or browse through hashtags. The layout and navigation are minimalistic and intuitive. Pheed also features tools to filter out unwanted content, with three levels available in their Safety Content Filter.

Pheed offers an interesting suite of features that isn’t currently seen on any other social media site. The service is worth a look, and it’s one to watch in the coming months. Martin-Wilbourn Partners follows the latest developments in social media. Contact us today to start a conversation about how social media marketing can be used to grow your business.

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