Martin-Wilbourn Partners

Purpose and Values

Our purpose is to help our clients define and communicate their goals and to inspire our people to make Martin-Wilbourn Partners one of the best ideas-driven, results-oriented communications firms in America.

Our values are central to our commitment to the pursuit of excellence.


We commit to be transparent in our professional interactions with external stakeholders. In practice, this means we will identify our client in proactive external professional contacts and in materials produced or distributed on behalf of clients.

When our work involves the use of specially skilled subcontractors, we will be transparent about their role.

Our billing is estimated in advance and approval is provided by clients before our work begins. When there is a change in the scope of work that impacts the budget, we provide immediate notification and secure client approval before proceeding.


We undertake to be honest in all our personal and professional dealings, including all external professional contacts. We never knowingly spread false or misleading information and take reasonable care to avoid doing so inadvertently.

We also ask our clients to be honest with us and to not request that we compromise our principles or the law.

We take every possible step to avoid conflicts of interest.


We do not disclose confidential information provided to us in the course of our work for clients, unless explicitly authorized to do so or required by governments or other legal authorities. All Martin-Wilbourn Partners employees or agents are contractually obliged to honor this commitment.

We store and handle confidential information so as to ensure that only those who are working with the information have access to it.

We advise our clients to uphold these values in their own external contacts related to the advice we provide them.


We will only work for organizations that are prepared to uphold the values of transparency and honesty in the course of our work for them.

Sometimes our clients are involved with contentious issues. It is part of our job to provide communications assistance to those clients. We represent those clients only in ways consistent with the values of honesty and transparency both in what they do and in what we do for them.

We respect the views of employees who have serious concerns about working for any specific client or on any particular assignment. No employee will be required to work for a client inconsistent with his / her conscience. We will consider our employees views in the Firm’s decision to work for a particular client.


Our purpose as a Firm is to achieve excellence by helping our clients succeed. This means Martin-Wilbourn Partners is committed to being more strategic, more creative, more evidence-based and more rigorous in delivering quality implementation than any other competitor. Our clients should expect best-in-class quality in every single assignment we accept.

We are dedicated to industry-leading thought leadership and to bringing new ideas, insights, and perspective to our clients.

We are dedicated to seamless teamwork and creating the infrastructure to encourage an integrated, connected company. We always encourage respect and support among our colleagues.

All employees are committed to:

Comply with all applicable laws

Comply with the values of our company

Impose upon ourselves a standard of ethical conduct that often exceeds applicable laws and our client’s codes of conduct