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Twitter Introduces Lead Generation Cards & Two-Factor Login Verification

Twitter has released a new Twitter Card called the Lead Generation Card. Twitter Cards allow for deeper content integration within a given tweet; with the Lead Generation Card, users can easily and securely share their email address with a business directly from a tweet without having to leave Twitter or fill out a cumbersome form. Also, as predicted in a previous Podium article, Twitter has implemented optional two-factor login verification to increase site security. After you enroll in the login verification program, a six-digit code will be sent to your phone via SMS each time you sign in to twitter.com. This code must be quickly inputted on Twitter to successfully login. Two-factor logins make it very difficult for stolen passwords to be used to log in to others’ accounts.

Pinterest Improves “New Look” & Introduces More Useful Pins

Pinterest continues to improve the functionality of their “new look.” Friends can be mentioned in pin descriptions by typing “@” before their names, and more notifications have been added, among other updates. Pins have also been updated, and are now capable of displaying additional information on specific subjects. There are product pins that display prices and availability, recipe pins that display ingredients and cook times, and movie pins that display ratings and cast members.

Google+ Unveils New Design & Launches Standalone Hangouts App

Google+ has updated the design of its service to be more compatible across a broad range of devices and screen sizes. Content streams are organized into columns, with more or fewer columns simultaneously visible depending on the screen being used and its orientation. Google has also launched a stand-alone version of Google Hangouts that functions on Android, iOS and traditional computer devices. The app features photo messaging, conversation history and video calls. The free app is available now.

YouTube Launches Paid Channels

In an effort to provide users with more ways to monetize YouTube content, the service is beginning a trial run of paid subscription channels. Subscription fees will start as low as $0.99 per month, and every pay channel will have a 14-day free trial. Many channels will also offer discounted yearly rates. Some channels included in the trial run will be Sesame Street, offering full episodes of the children’s show, and UFC, which will give fans the opportunity to view classic fights.

FourSquare Adds More Menus for Restaurants

Foursquare has partnered with fellow local-business trackers SinglePlatform and Locu to expand the list of menus available through their service. This will provide better ability to compare the offerings at various restaurants using FourSquare. The company is also working to incorporate price and service lists for non-restaurant businesses like spas, hair salons, gyms and dry cleaners. These offerings should begin to roll out in the near future.

Flickr Gets Redesign

Flickr has updated its services, expanding its free storage capacity to an entire terabyte per account. This is designed to facilitate the storage of copious high-resolution images without the need for compression. The company has also revealed a new design for their user interface to further centralize the importance of imagery, complete with a new homepage design and Activity Feed. The new Activity Feed combines the recent uploads of friends with your own activity, creating a more dynamic presentation.

Klout Reaches 1 Million Perks

Klout is an app that uses analytics to determine a website’s social media influence, then assigns it a “Klout Score” between 1 and 100. Based on these ratings, Klout users can earn Klout Perks: special rewards that can take the form of anything from a free early screening of a movie to a free laptop. The Klout Perks program has been quite successful; in fact, the millionth Klout Perk was recently claimed. The recipient was given a limited edition vinyl of Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated album.

Help SlideShare Test their New Mobile Navigation Design | 10 Million Presentations Uploaded to SlideShare

The presentation-sharing social media network SlideShare is testing a new design for their mobile platform, and the company is looking for user feedback regarding the service. To access this new mobile design, add the text “?new=1” to the end of any SlideShare URL from your mobile device. You can then tweet feedback to @SlideShare along with the hashtag #MobileSlideRedesign. The also service recently celebrated a milestone: over 10 million presentations have now been uploaded to SlideShare.

LinkedIn Turns 10

Business-focused social network LinkedIn celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its founding this month. Today, LinkedIn is one of the most respected and fastest-growing social networks in the world. Click here to see an interactive timeline showing how the network’s membership has grown over its 10-year history.

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