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Brands Seek to Humanize Themselves Through Social Conversation

Brands & Social Conversation

Engaging consumers through social media is a primary goal of modern marketers. Social media platforms offer unprecedented ability to communicate with consumers directly, answering their questions and addressing their concerns. But how does a brand successfully communicate itself on a platform designed for individual human beings? Many businesses are attempting to do so by developing a unique personality or voice for their brand.

First and foremost, a brand needs to communicate its primary message through social media in a way that supports its current marketing initiatives. The personality presented in this type of conversation will be tied to the overall marketing campaign. For instance, Old Spice’s Twitter account, @OldSpice, posts comments that are in keeping with the offbeat humor presented in other aspects of their campaign, with jokes relying on non-sequiturs and absurdism. After a brand communicates its message, the next step is to wait for responses, and to answer any incoming comments or questions in a voice and tone that further supports and defines the brand identity.

Sometimes a simple interaction between a brand and an individual consumer can be extremely powerful. This article in Fast Company discusses the experiences of a 20-something Manhattanite tasked with representing the social-media personality of Denny’s restaurants. She tells a story about responding to a tweet complaining that Hooters was closed, and Denny’s, although open 24-hours a day, was a mile’s walk away. The Denny’s representative replied with messages encouraging her to undertake the trip. This hungry individual communicated with the Denny’s brand through social media over the next few hours, reporting her travel to Denny’s and her positive experience upon arriving. This is an example of well-executed corporate communication through social media.

The ultimate goal of a brand’s social media communications is to present a compelling story, as seen in the Denny’s example. If the story is compelling, others will be naturally inclined to share it, and having a brand-supportive story organically disseminate through social media is the highest ideal of the communication method. If a story moves or touches an individual, they’ll want to share it. Generating such a story requires a brand to position itself well in the social media landscape, and to be ready respond when the opportunity for quality conversation with consumers arises. At Martin-Wilbourn Partners, we’re experts in social media communication. Contact us today to start a conversation about how social media can be leveraged to grow your brand.

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